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Hesh Brahmi Powder 100 Grams

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100.00 Grams
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Product Description

What is the Hesh Brahmi Powder?

Brahmi (Water hyssop) is a herb that is more obscure as compared to amla, henna and shikakai – all of which have become increasingly popular throughout the world in recent years – but in India is traditionally considered to be among the best hair care herbs.

The Hesh Brahmi Powder contains a dried powder form of this herb which may be used to prepare a paste or mixture for application to your hair. According to the manufacturer, using the Hesh Brahmi Powder should help strengthen hair roots, prevent or reduce graying, control dandruff while also making your hair darker, denser and more lustrous.


The Hesh Brahmi Powder contains a powdered form of the brahmi herb, also known as water hyssop or thyme leafed gratiola. In botanical terms it is known as Bacopa monnieri, Bramia monnieri or Herpestis monniera.

There are no health hazards or side affects associated with the external use of brahmi. Recent scientific research suggests that eating brahmi may aid in memory retention, however, it is known to be a hypotensive and increase secretions in gastrointestinal organs – possibly leading to ulcers and urinary tract obstructions.

However, we strongly advise against ingesting the Hesh Brahmi Powder in any way or form as it is not approved for such use and may be injurious to health.

Why use the Hesh Brahmi Powder?

The Hesh line of powders for hair care and skin care are very handy in the sense that they may be added or mixed into any other product. For example, you can prepare a paste or tea rinse using the Hesh Brahmi Powder but you can just as easily add it to your shampoo or conditioner. Or you can combine several Hesh powders together to prepare a more comprehensive hair care solution.

The Hesh Brahmi Powder itself has been noted by reviewers for its ability to condition hair. A number of reviewers also suggested that it has hair darkening properties and may render the need for henna treatments unnecessary.

But primarily, reviewers found that the Hesh Brahmi Powder makes your hair look fuller, softer and easier to detangle while it strengthens and nourishes it. Its effects vary a great deal based on the method in which it is employed, users variously prepared a tea rinse or a deep conditioning paste from the powder or mixed the powder in with hair oils or shampoos.


The Hesh Brahmi Powder is great as a deep conditioner and serves to make your hair look fuller and shinier. It makes your hair stronger and thereby reduces hair fall and may also reduce hair loss. For those with curly or kinky hair, using the Hesh Brahmi Powder will make your hair noticeably softer and much easier to detangle.

Regularly application of this product may also result in a darkening of your hair color, which may assist in reducing premature gray hairs.


There are no side effects or ill effects associated with the use of the Hesh Brahmi Powder and allergy to it is very rare if it does exist. It is not suitable for ingestion in any way or form.


The Hesh Brahmi Powder is an excellent hair care product that is effective for reducing hair fall, conditioning your hair, giving it more volume and bounce while also making it easier to detangle. Considering the flexibility of its use, its low price, its effectiveness and that it has no side effects, we highly recommend the Hesh Brahmi Powder for anyone looking to try a new hair care product.

Ingredients: Brahmi leaves Powder (Thyme Leaves / Herpestis monniera)

Product Weight: 3.5 OZ (100 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Box


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Product Reviews

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  1. first time buyer

    Posted by Jameshia M. on 12th Jun 2015

    Havent seen results yet but im anxious to see what happens.

  2. great

    Posted by jennifer g. on 5th Jun 2015

    it was one of the herbs i used to make a henna gloss. detangled my hair and made it feel soft

  3. Excellent!!!

    Posted by Myriam B. on 11th Apr 2015

    I recentl purchased several ayurvedic herbs, and they worked better that I thought they would. After rinsing them out of my hair i did notice some little grains were left. But proper and thorough rinsing will solve that. The price was excellent. Will be purchasing again.

  4. Love the product

    Posted by Victoria R. on 11th Apr 2015

    I love the product, and I especially love the price.

  5. Healthy Hair Product

    Posted by Carolyn D. on 30th Mar 2015

    I have just began to use this product and noticed the strength that it has infused in my hair. I am very pleased and plan on continue using this product and reaping its benefits!

  6. love it

    Posted by Elena B. on 26th Mar 2015

    love it

  7. Love it

    Posted by Sadia G. on 24th Mar 2015

    I use this in combination with Amla powder and Godrej Nupur mehendi powder. I make a paste with water and add coconut oil to it (about 3 tablespoons) and put it on dry hair. Leave it in for about two hours and wash it out with sulfate free shampoo and follow with a good deep conditioner. The result: Healthy, thick, shiny, strong, frizz free hair. I love it.

  8. Love it!

    Posted by Indalia J. on 23rd Mar 2015

    Love it!

  9. Great product

    Posted by selita w. on 23rd Mar 2015

    love it!!!

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