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  • Black Seeds Nigella Seeds 14 OZ

Black Seeds Nigella Seeds 14 OZ

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396.00 Grams
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KhanaPakana Brand Kalonji Seeds (Nigella Seeds) 2 LBs

KhanaPakana Kalonji Seeds:
KhanaPakana now presents its own products to its customers. Kalonji Seeds by KhanaPakana are freshly packed Kalonji Seeds. These seeds are carefully selected and have no unhealthy seed in it. These seeds can be used for several purposes in several ways. There is no any other content in these seeds except pre and original Kalonji Seeds.

What is Kalonji Seed?
Kalonji Seeds are the seeds of flowering plant Kalonji which is also known as Nigella sativa. This plant has 20-30 cm length with linear and divided leaves. Kalonji is normally found in Asian regions. Kalonji plat and Kalonji Seeds are very popular in several parts of the world, especially in Pakistan and India. Kalonji Seeds are very popular and are used for the treatment for different diseases. Kalonji Seeds are also used to extract oil which is used as a natural health tonic. Kalonji Seed has ability to provide protein, fats and carbohydrates to the body. Additionally, Kalonji Seeds gives strength to immunity system of the body.

Historical Importance of Kalonji:
Some historical records shows that Egypt was the place of origin of Kalonji. It was also very popular in Unani Medical Centers because of its effective results. In Islam, it also has too much importance because Holy prophet of Islam Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Kalonji is the cure of all illnesses except death”.

Health Benefits of Kalonji Seeds:

  • Kalonji is full of Digestive benefits.
  • Kalonji improves respiratory system of the body
  • Kalonji is a very strong natural anti-oxidant which removes harmful chemicals and toxins from the body.
  • It’s the major source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Polyunsaturated fatty acids improves metabolism, maintain insulin level, control cholesterol and also improves liver function.
  • Kalonji improves blood circulation of the body
  • Kalonji reduces the negative symptoms of allergy sufferers.
  • It has natural anti-bacterial properties.
  • It is also full of healing properties which can help in relieving migraine, chronic colds, asthma, bee stings, paralysis, amnesia, skin disorders & earache.

 Culinary Uses of Kalonji Seeds:

  • Kalonji seeds are used in a number of recipes of India, Pakistan and other countries. Some of the common uses are as follows.
  • Kalonji Seeds are used as decorative spice in different things such as for tossing onto breads, savory biscuits, pastries and also over salads.
  • Kalonji Seeds are also used in different curries or dal.
  • Kalonji Seeds have nut like taste when they are roasted which gives amazing taste to its lovers.
  • In Pinch Phora, Bengali Five spice mix, Kalonji Seeds are one of the fives spices.
  • Kalonji Seeds gives unique taste to cooking oils when added in it.

How to Store Kalonji Seeds?
For long lasting freshness, Kalonji Seeds must be kept away from moisture. It is recommended to keeps the in air tight container.

Important Note:
Kalonji Seeds are natural has does not have any harmful effect on health. Some peoples might have some allergy with Black Seeds when applied on skin. They should test it before using it.

In Breast feeding or Pregnancy, it is not recommended to use Kalonji Seeds without taking any advice from your doctor or physician.

Read Related Article on the benefits of Kalonji Seeds and their treatment for Baldness, Backache, cholesterol, dry skin, Arthritis, Viral Diseases, Heart Problems, sugar and cancer at Benefits of Kalonji Seeds.

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Country Of Origin:
Product of USA
Product Weight:
 14 OZ (396 Grams) Each

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place


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